I can’t believe we’ve made it to our 6th book club! It was my turn again and I chose Rebuilding Coventry by Sue Townsend. After having so many books about murder and dying I felt it was important to try and lighten the mood of the book club. I think we were probably one dramatic death away from tipping over the edge. Having not remembered what it was like to read a happy book, I asked a friend for advice on funny authors and she told me about Sue Townsend. Rebuilding Coventry was a short but witty novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. I laughed out loud several times because the characters were so ridiculously hysterical. I felt like I knew them.
Ironically, Rebuilding Coventry follows the life of the unfortunately named housewife Coventry Dakin (it’s not about rebuilding Coventry after the war) after she murders her neighbour Gerald Fox. After she commits her crime, she heads to London in order to start a new life for herself only to be made homeless and sleep in “Cardboard City” as well as having sex with strangers for a Kit Kat. The story flips back and forth between Coventry and the drama she created back at home with the murder. She leaves her boring, tortoise loving husband and her two teenage children wondering what has happened to their very shy and very obedient mother.

Although some of the comments in book club were mixed, I feel like the book was so easy to read. In comparison to other authors we’ve read at book club, the plot rolled out as it should — getting to the point quickly but descriptively showing that in literature quality not quantity can be an important factor. Although I crammed the last few chapters of this in one night, it reminded me how much I love reading. I love being transported somewhere else for a bit, chuckling to myself about cows looking camp with OTT eyelashes and an elderly woman who never puts clothes on when she’s home. I would definitely recommend it and I can’t wait to read something by Sue Townsend again, we could all do with a few laughs 😊.

Next book club is…Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin. Looking forward to it!