It’s been a while since I posted a blog about book club. It took us a while to get through The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards. My dad’s passing happened the day of book club and the girls kindly pushed the date so that I could join in. The subject matter (although not entirely relatable) made this one a tough read in light of everything that had been happening in my life. There is a strong theme of loss and it’s interesting how people deal with it. It was difficult to want to pick up this to continue with after dad died, I feel like I could sympathise more with Norah’s erratic behaviour (not her infidelity!) after thinking her daughter Phoebe had died. I could also sympathise with the wall that her husband David had put up after he actually gave their daughter away because she was born with Down’s Syndrome. Everyone in the book was affected by loss in some way and Phoebe, who was still alive and living happily with Caroline and Al, felt no loss at all and was happy with the life she had. Sometimes, I guess it’s nice to explore the simplicity of life. Of course we all suffer from loss but it’s how we deal with it as human beings. 

It’s been 1 month since my daddy died and I’ve had a million and one emotions but at the same time have felt incredibly numb. I feel like I’m in a state of denial, not believing that he’s gone but also I feel so accepting that he is finally at peace. I miss everything about him but also feel like I’m already grasping at the memories I have of him even though they consume every corner of my brain. I don’t really understand loss. I haven’t lost him and yet I don’t know what else you could describe it as, looking for someone or something and them not being where you left them. I wish he was here to help me understand and I wish there was some way for me to get everything out. I don’t think I have any tears left and if I do they won’t fall. I feel like something unexplainable has happened and maybe that is loss. I don’t like it and I wish I didn’t feel it but at least he is no longer tired and that he is home. 
Acceptance is important in this book. Norah is able to forgive David through accepting what he did. I think you can begin to heal from losing someone when you accept what has happened. I think in this book that Norah possibly can’t begin to accept the loss of her daughter because she’s still alive through David’s secret. 

And I’m babbling!

Overall, we all found this book difficult to get through as it was full of purple prose and superfluous text but the concept of the story was great. 
Next on the agenda is Rebuilding Coventry by Sue Townsend.