I’m volunteering again (and blogging again, it’s like I’ve gone back in time)! I’m volunteering for The Windows Project who are a local charity who encourage creativity through writing.

Writing is a way of seeing – the ordinary and the extraordinary, from your own street to the landscape of your dreams.”

I attended an event for families at The Academy of St Francis Assisi on Saturday and The Windows Project ‘Amazing Push Poem Machine’ was a hit with the children and many adults.


The person/people playing have to throw a ball into a hole which has a letter under it. When they have their letter they then have to think of a word that will add onto an already existing poem or it will be used to start a new one.

I loved that a the beginning of the day we started with: “Love Everyone On Earth Forever Because It’s Excellent” (very apt with our current Brexit situation #rage). But by the end of the day we had “The People Irritate Me”.

My personal favourite was:


Our final poem of the day was :


Again, very apt for the day. It was all very inspiring and creative and reminded me why I was volunteering in the first place!