…this morning. I hadn’t read the last one yet and have been slowly trying to finish it because why leave a series unfinished (also applies to TV shows, Heroes.)? Anyway, I’m convinced the author (E.L. James) hates women. The character Bella Swan Anastasia Steele has now married Edward Cullen Christian Grey and she goes back to work (even though Christian said she doesn’t have to, she can stay home and be “barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen”) and decides to go by her maiden name. She wants to do this so that she can have some space from him, seeing as he part owns the company that she is now suddenly Editor of (because Ana couldn’t have possibly worked her way to the top of her career by herself. She has made no decisions concerning the job she has acquired as a graduate).

He then comes into her office, says to her that he has come to check out his “assets” and make sure “wives are in their place”. (He also earlier said that he was surprised she actually was useful and wasn’t just “decorative”…). She then tells him why she wants to keep her name and he says, “I want your world to begin and end with me” and tough I’m going to buy the company, and call it Grey Publishing and give it to you “Ms Steele” (which he keeps calling her to annoy her). She then annoyingly just agrees to change her name after he keeps pestering her about it and offers her sex in her office. I don’t know how I even got this far. I’m done.


Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 ♡