While I’ve been at The Reader Organisation I’ve been trying my best to find that time to just sit and read. I’ve been finding it hard to get into some books I’ve picked up lately, abandoning them half way through or falling asleep.

While I was at their recruitment day last week, in a small group we read Jacqueline Wilson’s Double Act and I realised that I’d always found it so easy to get into books when I was younger. There was little else to worry about at that age I guess.

It was my birthday on Saturday (“I’m feeling 22!♪”) and all the family were round and my 7 year old cousin, Ava, asked me if I had anymore books she could have (while clearing out my cupboards I gave lots of my children’s books to her). Happy to help, I ran upstairs and found my old copy of Beatrix Potter’s Jemima Puddle-Duck and passed it to Ava. She wasn’t too into it and decided to play ‘Minion Rush’ on my phone instead. While I was sat down, I had a flick through it; the story coming back to me. When I looked, I noticed a message had been written at the front of it from my Godmother Denise, nearly 20 years ago, Christmas 1993:

Dearest Shauna,

Very soon you will be able to read this book, and I hope the ‘Tales of Beatrix Potter’ will fill your life with happiness like they did myself and many other children.  Keep these books and maybe one day, you can pass them on to your own children!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May God bless you and keep you.

With love always,
Your Godmother, Denise xxx

When I read that I thought to myself it was no wonder I liked reading so much when I was younger. I’ve had such a good relationship with books since I was little. The tales of Peter Rabbit, Tom Kitten, Squirrel Nutkin and many more had inspired me and I’d enjoyed them so much.

Mum said that she and dad used to read them to me along with Aesops Fables (dad used to tell me the Tortoise and the Hare all the time, I can actually remember it) and Enid Blyton. I hope that my Godmother Denise is right in that I can pass these books down to my own kids one day. It was such a good gift from her; a love of literature that can be passed on. I hope one day I could do the same…