This is a bit of a late account of my week at Liverpool University Press (LUP). I was lucky to finally get a placement at LUP which publishes academic books. The company has very recently looked into expanding into ebooks which means that academic books can be read online. My task was to read and spot check each ebook to check for any errors. It was an interesting job and meant that I had to learn to be meticulous and precise. In one chapter I found the name ‘Francois’ with a Chinese symbol in the middle of it. It made me think that if I hadn’t chosen that particular chapter to look over, it would never have been noticed. It just made me want to go through every chapter to make sure! Having work experience there made me understand more about the company and the different aspects of it. I expected LUP to be a really big building with lots of offices and people but only 10 people work in a small building with a red door just on the outside of the city centre. This meant that I got to understand the ins and outs of the industry a bit more and I was told I was free to ask anything I wanted in order to find out more. I was really grateful for the placement and it gave me my first real look into the publishing industry and to be honest, I like what I saw 🙂