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Who Made Your Pants?

Have you ever wondered who made your underwear? No?

I was in News From Nowhere the other day and a customer pointed out the washing line hanging in the store with two pairs of frilly lace knickers pegged to it. Funnily enough, I’d never noticed them there! Mandy explained that it is a company that gives women who have had a hard time a job making pants. ‘Who Made Your Pants? (@whomadeyour) say:

“We also think that it’s not really on for anyone to be made to work in bad
conditions just for a cheap pair of pants. Who could feel lovely in something
made in a bad place? So we make our pants in a great place”

The factory is in Southampton, the women can work their way into different parts of the company such as finance or marketing. ‘Who Made Your Pants?’ say that they use the waste fabric from bigger underwear companies to create these actually really nice pieces of underwear, they don’t even give you a VPL. All profits go back into the business and are used for training for the women, fabrics and wages. I think that it’s a very interesting way to give jobs in what seems like a happy and good working environment. When you order a pair of the underwear, you get a letter from the woman that made them telling you her story and saying thank you. It’s definitely the kind of thing that News From Nowhere would support but it’s definitely a very inventive way of sending your support.

Every time you buy a pair of our pants you’re keeping another woman in a job