I haven’t posted a blog post in a  while because 1. I’ve had too much work to do and 2. I’ve been very content at News From Nowhere and feel like I’m starting to understand the business a lot more. So, while I’m on my way home on this weirdly snowy day in March I figured I would do a post.

Today, I ran through all the new books as usual and wrote in their descriptions before putting them on the ‘new books’ display. There were lots of new non-fiction books today, quite a few of them were on Ireland, don’t know if that’s because it’s just been Paddy’s Day. Mandy had said that she would show me how the tills worked and today was the day. I’m used to working on the tills at PC World but the system at News From Nowhere was pretty old school.

Mandy said I must think all sorts about the system she uses but the truth is I love it. Everything isn’t supposed to do with the computer and technology, most of it is by hand and recorded with a old till. It’s such a change but I think this system suits the shop perfectly. Mandy taught me how it all works as we has munch on Wispa bars and I wrote everything down. There weren’t many customers because of the snow, but those who I did serve were very patient with me while I was learning the steps.

As it was quiet I was sat on the till reading Where are you going, where have you been? whilst listening to ‘Eyes Open’ by Snow Patrol (I got to choose the CD because I was on the till). I got to thinking about independent bookshops and this nostalgia that everyone seems to have for the old way of life and the old way of doing things. This might be a reason why News From Nowhere is doing so well. I wondered if someone was to open an independent bookshop now if it would be as successful? Of course News from Nowhere is special in its own way because it’s a specialist bookshop (focusing on radical books) but with larger companies like Amazon dodging taxes etc people could stop having faith in such large businesses and support their local ones again.