(just a quick post today…)

Volunteered again today at News From Nowhere. I’m getting the hang of things now and not having to ask as much about what to do next but still need to make sure I’m doing things right as I don’t want to make a huge mistake. When I came in, Mandy told me that a rep would be coming in and I could sit with them to see how it all works. So, at 2 o’clock after I’d entered new books and opened some parcels from publishers, I met Andy who was a publishing representative. He came with his iPad full of new books that would be of interest to Mandy to sell in the radical bookstore. Because of the high prices of hardbacks, decisions were made from the price of the paperback. A lot of the books were academic so were quite expensive and probably wouldn’t sell that well in the store. Most of them were political, some were plays and others social (e.g. fostering). It was interesting to see how Mandy made the choices for what she wanted to keep the store stocked with, thinking about what the customers would like and how certain books relate to current events. I was really grateful to Mandy for letting me sit in on her meeting with the rep. I feel like I keep getting new insights every week I volunteer there which I’m really glad about.