Had another good day at the  bookshop today. Starting to get the hang of things and where things go. I created a new display for ‘Quick Reads’, checked new books as usual and made a new display for the badges section as I was told the boards they used for them were quite old. I also did other little tasks too like water the plants and filing.
They had 2 sets of shoplifters today though which I was completely oblivious about but the staff are always on standby.  Mandy showed me a letter she had sent into The Bookseller that they published in their most recent copy. She had written in to talk about how the cost of hardback books are a problem for independent bookshops. She was telling me that most publishers bring out bestsellers in hardback first and that those are the ones that are reviewed first. At times like Christmas the independent bookshops can afford to get the hardbacks in. Otherwise, bookshops have to wait for paperbacks to come out which is sometimes months after the hardback release. Yet ebook editions come out at the same time as hardbacks. Mandy’s letter was urging for publishers to support independent bookshops and I think that publishers should consider this.

I’m learning so much about the publishing industry just from working at News From Nowhere. More than I thought I would. I’m always free to ask questions to find out more because of how relaxed the environment is.