I had my first day volunteerting at News From Nowhere bookshop on Friday and actually really enjoyed it. It’s such a relaxed and chilled atomosphere in there.

After being shown whereabouts everything was and getting familiar with the shop I was put straight to work. There were new books that needed to be checked and put into the system. I learnt how to do this and had to write descriptions for each book. I enjoyed this part of the volunteering because it meant that I got to look at all the new books that came in. There was a new Orwell collection, new children’s books and other fiction books as well. It was interesting to get a chance to look at them firsthand and write a brief description of the plots. All the new books then had to go into the right sections in the store and older books on the displays had to go back on the shelves. Figuring out where everything went was hard at first but all the staff were really helpful. I had a few other office type tasks to do, like filing old magazine mastheads and I then had to make little posters to put around the store for displays. The shop is very much into personalisation, so handwritten signs gives it that personal feel. I then created the window display for Stewart Acuff who will be visiting the store for his book Playing Bigger Than You Are. As well as stock and price checks and making sure the general fiction, lesbian and gay fictions were in alphabetical order it was all a very relaxed environment where I could help myself to a peppermint tea while I worked.

I’m looking forward to finding out what else I’ll learn from News From Nowhere.