Working somewhere where you can have access to the latest technology can be a blessing or a curse. Basically, you try and justify whether you really need something or if you’re getting it just because. So, when I decided I didn’t need an iPad or I didn’t need a Samsung Galaxy tablet I gave up. However, now I feel like I might want a Kindle Fire and I’m sure I can weigh up the pros and cons to justify this purchase…maybe…

1. It’s light and can fit in my bag. This means that for the remaining 5months of my course I will not have to buy anymore books to carry round. I can simply get it off my Kindle.
2. I can put films on it. So when I’m bored I can keep myself occupied with a film or two. It has an HDMI port so I can connect it to my TV if I want to.
3. Books on the go, and instantly. The way technology is going there is an increase in the e-book market. A lot of publishers are catering to this and having books both printed and published via an e-book. This shows that publishers can benefit from the sales of e-readers.
4. It has a colour screen and I can view Facebook and the web as it is on my PC.

1. If i need Facebook I can pretty much use my phone.
2. I’m never on long enough journeys to need to watch a film.
3. Will I miss the feel of a book. The answer is probably yes.
4. It’s only Wi-fi enabled so it’s not like I can download books on the go. (Yet there are ways around that).

I’m sure there are more reasons why. The main reason is can I justify spending £159 (16gb hd) on something I may or may not use? We’ll see how it goes…