Since the popularity of social networking over the past few years, we seem to want to know what everyone is doing and what their opinions of everything is. Of course blogs and reviews etc have been around for a long time but internet as a phenomena allows us to tell the world how we’re feeling. A blog, a simple post that can express more than the 140 characters Twitter allows and can be more meaningful than a Facebook status means that we can communicate our thoughts to others. Since our first year of university we have been told the importance of beginning a blog. I never could see it’s significance because I felt like I had nothing to say that anyone could possibly be interested in. Until I realised that it didn’t matter that other people would be interested in it (however, it would be great if they were!) but it mattered that I could convey an opinion about something that I cared about. And if people wanted to share that interest, then it’s wonderful. Reading was always something I was interested in. I powered through our reading lists when I was younger at school and got engrossed in bestsellers as I got older and at university, I began to analyse literature to understand it’s intendment. Regardless of whether it be Bram Stoker or Jenny Colgan, I’d always have time to read and enjoy. So, this is what this blog is; my thoughts and opinions on fiction and I hope that it makes sense.